Urban Anime Lounge: Newsletter Volume 15- Lost In Space

Urban Anime Lounge
16 Mar , 2021

In a galaxy far far away … as the UAL squad ventures off into unknown worlds … PurpPool convinced the team that they needed to try some Galatctic Chicken Chimichangas. But on the way there, in pure PurpPool form, he couldn’t help but to “touchy touchy” the … “No Touchy” buttons. [Collective sigh]

As PurPool repeatedly spams his button pushing antics like casual gamer scum, a hologram of a T-Rex appeared as they passed over this … Jurassic World … and suddenly, the ship’s engine stopped! The team crash landed on a near by planet where everyone died … like their hopes & dreams. Thanks Purppool :(

Update: Sike! That was an ALTERNATE timeline … the UAL Squad actually survived but the world they found themselves on was, by far, one that they may not be ready for … Find out what happens next issue.