Fitness Community


UALGetFit is a fitness subgroup for members of UAL. This group provides a fun, safe and judgment-free zone for all members to help encourage, motivate, and hold each other accountable while also breaking the stereotypes of the "nerd." All fitness levels are welcomed!

Fitness Challenges - we host different types of challenges to encourage hitting goals

  • Legendary Draft Challenge - Members pick a captain and join their team to achieve fitness goals for 2 months with weekly check-ins, individualized plans, and a team chat for extra support and accountability.
  • Annual 12-Week Body Transformation Challenge - Members buy-in to compete in the 12-week transformation challenge for most gains or weight loss. Challengers are required to to participate in weekly and monthly check ins on their progress. Winners split the total pot.  
  • 6-Week Challenge - To keep up with the momentum from the 12-week challenge, members can opt in to set new goals for 6-weeks with weekly check-ins. To participate, members must set a realistic goal, work out a minimum 3x/week, hit a daily water intake goal, and post to group for accountability. 
  •  21-day challenge - (30 minute workouts for 5 days per week) to break old habits/gain new habits with an accountability partner. 
  • Daily challenges including planks, push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and squats.