Each year, Urban Anime Lounge has an exclusive social experience connecting members with one another for a weekend filled with amazing events in various locations across the nation. This is THE annual meetup for Black/POC nerds and geeks alike where we turn up and still geek out on our favorite hobbies. There is always food, games, tours, fun, good vibes, and of course...the memes.


Secret Santa
is a virtual gift exchange where community members register to be matched with and gift another member for the holidays. Members register, create their wish lists, and engage with one another anonymously for an amazing, thoughtful experience. All of the anticipation builds up to a reveal day where we virtually open our presents together and everyone learns who their Secret Santas are. Along with our Secret Santa exchange, we also have a Secret Santa Kids initiative where we raise money to gift kids within our community.


 Anime Discussions are hosted in an online forum within our community where we post and discuss the latest seasonal anime episodes weekly.


Sweet Valentine
is a virtual Valentine’s Day exchange where members get a chance to spread love and cheerfulness through thoughtful, funny, or heartfelt messages with a Valentine’s Day treat. Everyone is welcome to participate, both friends and lovers.


UAL Music
is a virtual initiative dedicated to connecting members through all aspects of music. A large component of UAL Music is the weekly virtual karaoke or rap cypher challenges.




#UALSlay engages our community with a variety of creative challenges that include fashion and makeup for all skill levels and comfort zones. A couple of past challenges have been our "Jack Frost Challenge" where members had to use a designated color palette and put a twist on a winter look. And even, our "Fall Into It Challenge" where we encourage everyone share their latest Fall looks.



Urban Anime Lounge is always hosting, creating and even participating in a variety of events. We always have something going on so be sure to check out our:

    • Statewide events and meetups
    • Brand Activities and pop-ups at conventions
    • Virtual holiday parties
    • Virtual Murder Mystery
    • And much more!


Dream Con is an anime and gaming convention that started as a dream but was brought to fruition by social media influencers, RDC World1. RDC World1 dreamed of bringing together like-minded individuals to enjoy and celebrate multiple interests including pop culture, comics, art, cosplay, music and much more. Urban Anime Lounge is partnered with Dream Con and brings a Lounge Experience to the convention where con-goers can stop by to vibe and pick-up giveaways.




Blerdcon is an event that highlights and celebrates Blerd culture and creates a marketplace of ideas where sharing that culture can take place with proper context, attribution and positivity in an inclusive environment. Urban Anime lounge supports Blerdcon and connects members who attend.