Urban Anime Lounge Supports Two More Black Owned Anime Cons

Urban Anime Lounge
25 Jul , 2022

Urban Anime Lounge (UAL) spent the month of July proudly supporting two major Black-owned conventions: Blerdcon and Dreamcon

Blerdcon, held in Washington, DC from July 7th-9th, provides an inclusive environment and celebrates Blerd culture. For the second year in a row, UAL sponsored their annual cosplay contest by providing $1,000 in cash prizes and gifts. This year's first place winner is @blueclarice for her Joylne Kujo (JJBA: Ocean's Stone). 

Dreamcon, held in Arlington, TX from July 15th-17th is devoted to anime and gaming related experiences. UAL provided the first place prize for their cosplay contest. The winner, Malika, was awarded $1,000 for their Neliel Tu (Bleach) cosplay. Additionally, UAL walked the event floor interacting with attendees and interviewing guests, including the con's creators' RDCWorld1

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