Urban Anime Lounge Sponsors Part of The Blerdcon Cosplay Contest for the 4th time

Urban Anime Lounge
30 Jun , 2023

In case you didn’t Know Urban Anime Lounge aka UAL, is a prominent organization in the anime community that is 100% Black-owned. We are pleased to announce our continued sponsorship of the cosplay contest at Blerdcon.

As a leading advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the anime space, UAL recognizes the significance of providing opportunities for cosplayers to showcase their talent and creativity.

This year the event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel. Additionally, the judges for the cosplay contest will be Cocoasugarcosplay, Blueclarice (2022's Black Cosplayer of the Year), and Masked Dad Workshopp. They will be heavily involved with picking who will be the next Black Cosplayer of the Year. Also, for the first time ever, there will be a Kids Cosplay Contest, with guest judges Karan Ashley, Afrococoapuffs and Doyouspeakgeek Dono.

If you are going to be at Blerdcon 23 We encourage you not to miss out. Saturday, July 8 @ 6:00pm.

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