Past Events

Annual Meetups

September 2017 - Atlanta, GA
August 2018 - Washington DC

Over the past couple of years, we have established a staple within our community -- the Annual Meetups. These events generally begin with a welcome social and end with a farewell brunch. Members come from all over the country for a weekend of good vibes, fun interactions, great food, community service, and unique events only to leave with memories that stay with them for a lifetime.

Some activities that we have done in the past include:

  • Private anime movie screening in a movie theater
  • Virtual reality gaming
  • Welcome socials and meet & greets
  • Farewell brunch
  • Video arcade gaming
  • Community service
  • Art projects
  • Fitness sessions
  • Anime conventions
  • Cookout in a park with games



Anime & Trap Music

September 2018 - Durham, NC
December 2018 - Orlando, FL
December 2018 - Washington DC

Whether you like anime or trap music or even both, this event series brings both of these together for a party filled with trivia, AMVs, socializing with your fellow nerds, and much more.


Quirkcon Pop-Up at SXSW

Dream-Con 2019